The new 2020 Mercedes Benz GLB

2020 Mercedes Benz GLB

2020 Mercedes Benz GLB is the newest Mercedes Crossover; the GLB is a new entry Level Family of Mercedes SUV Offers 3 Rows Seating and a fordable pricing the least relative some other Mercedes Benz SUV’s.

2020 Mercedes Benz Price

When Necessary think there is room for the line up another one but the GLA Mercedes Entry-Level Crossover with the starting pricing around $ 45K the GLB’s Entry Level Family Crossover is starting Price with around $37K and available third able row seating.

This is a compact Mercedes Benz Crossover with three rows seating so it’s a kind of a baby Mercedes GLE which is a mid-size SUV and a really Baby Version of a GLS which is a larger SUV.

2020 Mercedes Benz Power

Right now the GLB Comes in an Only One Version (The GLB 250) and this is a true Leader Tribble Charge Four-Cylinder it makes 220 Horsepower and you can get a front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive.

The third row is optional on the GLB and it cost 850 Dollars extra, it a big distinctive feature compare with the smaller GLA and the Smaller GLC neither of which Offer the Third Row.

2020 Mercedes Benz GLB

Let’s Talk the Third Row , flip the second row and it will slide forward to give you more room to enter the third row , but it still not all that much room to Climb the third row it still small vehicle to offer three row seating so getting the third row is a challenge , clamping in is not specially easy it is more like folding yourself and then flapping down but anyone can make it , and that the only credit that I willing to give the third row , because it is incredibly tide in this row , very little room is what you get when you put a third row in a vehicle this small , you will not want to be here even if you go for a short trip , this third row is only for kids , and in fact the Mercedes Benz drive that point home in a door jam in the rear door , there is a warning label that specifically says that the third row is limited to the people who are 66.5 Inches or 169 CM or less , so these third row is Really only intended for smaller adults and children , that typically truth third rows but in this case it is actually policed by a warning label ( Do Note Putting Adults in this row , I am kind of surprised that there is amenities right here for such a tiny third row for instance there is two cup holders right her , I am getting a lot three row vehicle larger third row but there is no cup holders and the GLB have them and more impressive that you have a USB-C Port in the Storage next to the seat you have in the driver side and the passenger side you will find another one , so tiny little third row passengers can charge there devices both of them at the same time , in the third row .

And to move on the second row it is impressively spacious pack in their so of you have the second row you have a good space, your knees don’t even come close to touch the passenger seat which is a reasonable seating position, there is a lot of space for a compact crossover but only when the second row sled back and when you do that you will eliminate all the leg room for the third row seat so you have to make a choice you can either have a spacious second row room and no leg room for the third row or you can move the second row forward and you have a cramped second row seat with a cramped third row also , and for another interesting second row item this is clearly intended to be a family SUV and I say that because if you drop down the little comportment in the front center storage aria and you have two more USB-C Chargers and you also have a house hold style power outlet so you have two USB Chargers in the third row and two more in the second row plus the house hold power outlet very good to charge our devices or any other staff your kids might doing , and one other item worth noting back here you also have assignment the front center console to the back seats , you don’t have your claimant control not at this price point bit claimant advance is better that what you get from another compact crossovers which you have to deal with whatever air is coming out from front .

For the next step let’s move on for the cargo area in the GLB, you open up the tail gate and you can see that this is one of the most laughably tiny cargo areas you will ever see in any vehicle, SUV’s, Sports cars or anything you have no space for a couple of a soft bags and that’s about it, but the good news is if you have no one in the third-row seats dropping the third row for more cargo is insanely easy just pull the little red loops and the seats down and suddenly you have flat cargo space, and now you have a surprisingly large cargo space because this cargo area is designed to accumulate actual human when you use it for cargo and that’s becoming one of the largest cargo areas in the compact crossover world and so there is a lot of space back here if the third is not in use, and another great thing about the cargo area if you want the seat comes back up because you want to put people in the third-row seats it is just as easy, you can just grab the black Loops and pull the seat back up and its pops back in the place.

And another interesting item in the GLB is certainly is the styling because it kind of boxy, and today everybody is looking for swoopy looking SUV’s this one has more boxy Shape, Certainly more than the GLA and the GLC, some reviewers was tried to rock imprecise between the GLB and the Boxy Styling and the G Wagon if Call the GLB like a Baby G Wagon, to me those comparisons are mostly Click Bait, there is nothing G Wagon about this low ground clearance Four Cylinders front-wheel Drive crossover and instead, I feel it is like scale down GLE or GLS in terms of Styling.

And another interesting worth to notice about the boxy shape I suspect the reason it is squared off in the back is to preserve headroom for the third-row seat, they needed the roofline to kind to stay flat as long as possible to be able actually fit rear passengers in there so that’s why the roofline stays Flat in the Back of the GLB and it looks boxier than the most other crossovers compare to the latest trend of kind of curvier designs.

2020 Mercedes Bens GLB Dash Area

next to move on to the front seat in the GLB with a boxy kind of tough theme is carried on up here, for Example the grabbing handles in the door panel has a tough aluminum Look and when you pull it to close that looks likes what you expectifying that a full size Pickup truck, same deal on the dash board tough locking aluminum piece carries over to the passenger side of the dash board and you just have more operate dash you can see the stile doesn’t like the flow in the door panels some of the other cars , instead it has a kind of operate look and feel to make it seem more like a higher riding vehicle , next an may be not surprising there is more USB-C Ports her for charging inside the front center console you can find two more USB-C Port and in the center console there is another USB-C Port and that one is to link your device with the infotainment system but indeed another port so there is seven Total USB-C Ports in the GLB , that’s Quite a bit for a relatively small vehicle like this , and next up to me when the very first thing you notice when you climb inside the GLB is the Materials are really Nice for the price pint , everything is looks good , this interior looks a lot better than you expect from a vehicle starts around $ 37K, for instance the dash board with this aluminum trim from the starter Button to the climate slots to the passenger side it is all looks really nice ,in the center there is a roof of buttons and switches also looks really nice far better than the plastic Mercedes Benz used to use Few Years ago , these High Quality Buttons or switches are even and relatively in expensive models like the GLB , the same deal with the steering wheel also very nice Looking , a lot higher quality then Mercedes Benz Wheels just a few years ago used much way plastic this is a huge improvement specially with this price point, with that said with the Interior Materials presents a pretty good value for the price point there are some interior is missing like the sunroof for $45K you are expect to have a sunroof but you don’t get one here , another thing I don’t like about some interior entry in the Mercedes Benz models is the stocks coming out of the steering column the turn signal and the wipers stock looks cheap all plastic not very nice seeing and the same deal with the gear selector looks cheap plastic not all that nice , that must be better for the new entry level Mercedes models , another missing item in the GLB is Navigation system even it has a really modern futuristic Mercedes Benz infotainment technology there is no maps strangely enough there is still button for the navigations system in the center of console but when you press it, nothing Happens on the screen , most of modern Mercedes infotainment systems are ordered with navigation systems . and the infotainment systems are an MBUX System but we will not talk about it now, and in the center console there is a switch mark to DYNAMIC if you move that switch you can switch your driving mood, and there is another thing I like in the interior and that is the cup holder size, you can see the cup holder is a certain size but if you need the cup holder to be smaller to the cup you can press the button with the arrow and it pops up instantly and you can make the same thing to the other side, and you may not believe it the is a wireless charging pad with a little arm that you can pull out and then keep your phone in the place so your phone will not be flying and that a pretty good idea.

Mercedes Benz 2020 GLB Tail Light

The tail lights it is very distinctive with the ugly shaped trapezoids let up with the tail light housing, this is intended to match the other Modern Mercedes Benz crossovers you see smeller tail light design in the GLS, GLE and now the GLB, it is a very distinctive look and it keeps all the Mercedes Benz looks in the same family.

And next and my favorite we have to see under the hood in the GLB, it is the same tool leader turbocharge four-cylinder that Mercedes Benz uses in the most of their entry-level makes 220 horsepower with a front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive if you want and that will be more attractive for snow or rough roads, acceleration power is the impressive and nice response of transmission, it is response relatively quick for a likely crossover.