The “Need for Speed Heat” Latest Updates and Reviews


The popular racing game, “Need for Speed Heat” releases its latest update on January 28, 2020. Guess what? It adds one big quality of life change which means that at the moment driving through a gas station will repair cosmetic damages to your vehicle. This new update means that the gas station will do repair performance-related damage to your car when the cops beat you on. If you, however, take too much damage, you will be wrecked and busted.

It has been observed that cops only really go after you during the night portion of the open-world game. During this time, you can have as many as three trips to a gas station before all of them will close down till the next day. Still, your cracked windshield, drift and other physical imperfections you get during nearly every street race day or night will be carried over and over until you leave the game and you are booted back in

Recall that this game has such heavy car-porn and customization components. It may bother you as a gamer that you couldn’t clean up your vehicle before the next event. This is possible now anyway. So, many thanks to Ghost Games for that.

Other improvements have also been noticed on the game patch. In fact, another really big update is that games now include driving wheel support. Ghost Games have stressed that it tested Heat with at least seven types of popular racing wheels. However, a few others might work perfectly as well.

Recall that the 2017’s edition of the game tagged Need for Speed Payback has a chat wheel? The newest edition, Need for Speed Heat gets this too. This means that players can now send instant messages to each other while drifting. You can send messages like “follow me” or “need backup” without necessarily being in the voice chat. Still, on the new updates, players can now unlock every location on Palm City’s map for collectibles, activities, and gas station repairs. However, you will have to pay up to $4.99 to enjoy this.

In the early stages of the game, you’re most definitely sweating through the up-from-nothing street racer fantasy. You will be working with a POS that needs to hit every corner perfectly to win even with drifting. Afterward, a POW. You have to find yourself enough cash to buy a better car, for example, 2006 Lotus Exige. This will help you to dominate every race by nearly two seconds from thereon.

Need for Speed Heat also introduces a new update which is drift racing toward the end of its series of introductory missions. This will probably carry you deeply into the levels of your legitimate and underworld racing career. Your Lotus Exige would probably not cut the drifting. Although you can conceivably tune any car in any direction, from a pure street racer to an off-road drifter, it is relatively easier to grind up the cash and get a car whose stock configuration can rack up long slides around the corners for a crowd-pleasing score.

Generally, the Need for Speed Heat Patch is worth the updates, especially for the gas station. If you are the gamer that also gets tired of looking at your continually scuffled-up Lotus as much as me, this is the game for you. Best of all, the game can play on outlets like PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC. It is simply a capable and enjoyable arcade racer which is certainly better than its two previous editions and iterations. also, you can enjoy it with G29 steering wheels It is a game built on such basic gameplay that it probably seems unable to answer why the series is still around. For this reason, gamers think that the upgrades are necessary but not sufficient.