Ten reasons why the Tesla Roadster 2020 should be on your cars wish list

Tesla Roadster

Every car lovers and enthusiasts must at least be familiar with the household name, Tesla. The automobile brand popularity continues to soar and it has since created quite some positive commotion in the automobile industry. The owner of the company, Elon Musk is known for pushing boundaries and producing what was once thought impossible. He continued with the reputation last year when he announced the new Tesla Roadster for 2020. This is expected to become the craziest car ever produced.

An electric-powered car that is expected to have a range of over 600 miles to beat the highest range of miles recorded for electric cars so far (350miles), it sounds really incredible and so experts, as well as enthusiasts, have begun to drop awesome comments on the expected baby. For this reason, we have decided to also bring to you a few reasons why you must be considering this car in your garage once it is out in the market.

Fastest car EVER!

Luxury? Yes, it is! If you think you will not be able to use the car to its full-blown potential at 60 miles per hour in just 1.9 seconds, you are probably right but that is the definition of luxury. The prestige of having the fastest car in your garage can never be taken away from you. On top of this massive gallop from rest, Elon Musk has promised around 250 miles per hour of top speed. It remains to be seen once out. One thing is exactly sure. You can’t beat those figures, and so cannot afford to miss out on it.

The beauty of moving technology in Tesla Roadster

Will Tesla ever renege on its promise of top technology? I guess not. This is why the Tesla roadster is another full stud of technology. More has been added to autonomous driving technology to include 8 cameras that provide full 360-degree visibility up to around 800 feet. This is also featuring 12-ultrasonic sensors and a forward-facing radar. If this doesn’t wow you, nothing ever will!

A car for the family Tesla Roadster

That’s right. No one misses the expensive fun in Tesla roadster 2020 as it seats four at once. Although the back seats are not the big ones, there is still enough space for your kids to take part in the fulfilled cruise. Its 2+2 seating can also be seen in the Porsche 911 and Audi TT Coupe. Another prove it belongs in the league of the exotics.

Unique door handles

If I sometimes remember that one will be getting this car for around $200,000, I still feel as though the price is a steal for buyers. It is just a fictitious reality and this is one more reason why it is. The handle design belongs in the futuristic sci-fi movie. To add coolness to this, Tesla removed the side door handles and allow drivers to open the car simply with a finger swipe. I can’t believe car doors handle are seeming so stale right now!

A range to beat

620 is the code and it represents an unbeatable mile range you can get from this pleasant surprise called a car. I still feel as though the manufacturer will be skeptical about this given that the fastest car in the market can’t even pass the 350-mile range. If Elon Monks achieves this, it will mean beating the market at double its current odds. This reality is one I will like to associate with.

You’re getting a convertible

Any surprise? All you have to do in this case is to wait for even more surprises. The Tesla roadster 2020 will be coming with a removable roof that can be easily stowed in its trunk. Guess what the next surprise is? The roof is made entirely out of glass and so it adds more elegance to the whole look. Now think about cruising this baby on a hot summer afternoon with your latest apple smartphone in hand to record the moment. Don’t tell me about the fun. I can imagine!

You can remove your side mirrors

Who needs a side mirror? Haha! The Tesla Roadster 2020 is not here to play. A small garage can no longer be an excuse for you not to get one of these. As I have said earlier, the major road beauty comes with loads of sensors and cameras which makes side mirrors seem entirely useless. However, there is a regulation that every single car must have side mirrors on. To make this easy for you Tesla provides buyers with magnetic and removable side mirrors which gives the car aerodynamic feel. Oh my! I want one already.

An exact practical sports car

That is a simple but practical definition of the Tesla roadster 2020. It is a sports car but do not at all reject the possibility of being used for leisure. Its four seats are not typical of sports but common cars. It also possesses a digital dashboard in the center of the front. Guess what? It is probably entirely smart as there are virtually no buttons. Everything is controlled with screen touches. It is time to feel like playing a car racing game on a smartphone alive.

You have an all-wheel-drive

The sincere thing to say is that you have all that you needed in a car meant for comfort. Although the 2008 roadster came in a rear-wheel-drive format, production has progressed to all-wheel-drive in 2020. This means that your car is an everyday car suited for different types of weather. I do not need to tell you that an all-wheel-drive is practically better to drive all year round.

A supercar with optional speed booster

Sport car lovers now find what fits them perfectly. You have used speed boost in games and you will like to get your hands dirty in real life, let’s do it with Tesla Roadster 2020. The optional rocket boosters will allow your car to hover like in the Jetson! This feature has however been met with a lot of skepticism from the public, so we are waiting to see it to believe it. Regardless, one thing is entirely certain about Tesla Roadster 2020. It is futuristic in and about everything!