Next-Generation Nissan Z Gets 400 Horse Power Rating and Retro Design

Nissan Z 2020

Recall that the current Nissan 370Z design made its entry into the automobile industry in 2009. It has since been the definition of long in the tooth, but with the recent news from its manufacturer, the reality is about to change as we will likely have a new generation of Nissan Z cars soon.

What’s new with Nissan?

Close but unofficial observers have revealed to the public that although the company did not explicitly confirm the update, hard work is ongoing on the next generation of the legendary Nissan Z collections which would still have some features in common with the current realities. Sources have revealed that the new car will have heritage designs as the company fancies the idea of going back to the root to nourish its design.

On a general note, the new generation of cars would have a new look but the silhouette and general shape will still look so much like the current models. The front end is observed to mimic that of 240Z with few differences especially in its square mouth and almost round headlights. The new generation car model’s rear taillights would similarly follow in the steps of 300ZX from the 1990s series as part of its new retro designs.

Moving the Z to the new generation

Things will be a little different on the inside because the manufacturer is prepared to move its Z models completely into a new age. Changes the new cars would therefore feature include a modern infotainment system which is conspicuously lacking in the 370Z. This means that buyers can expect a screen instead of storage cubby. The interior design will however be slightly similar to those of other new Nissan collections like Sentra and the redesigned Altima.

The Z power is always open to drifting

Considering engine power rating, the new Z generation will possess 3.0 liter twin-turbo V6 in service as it was in 370Z SEMA and 400 horsepower even though it hasn’t seen a production application. That being said, the engine will also be paired with a nine-speed automatic transmission while a manual transmission will also be offered alongside the automatic in some designs. As a possible variant of Nismo, the unofficial source leaked that we will likely see the version join the next Z car generation eventually. Close to 500 horsepower rating has been rumored for this specific flavor of Z, which mean we will be expecting to see this car on a drift track with that horsepower.

Stephanie Brinley, an IHS Makit principal automotive analyst thinks that the design changes are needed and perhaps long overdue because the 370Z which is although still a wonderful drive and drift but that has been in circulation since 2009 needs some changes especially because it’s hard to tell what difference there is in the first models and the brand new collection of 2020 370Z. Brinley while addressing a representative of stressed that the 370Z version is getting old and a new direction in a couple of years would be a great adjustment. He in fact wants the safety compliance of the cars to be addressed too.

As earlier said, there is no hard date for a reveal at the moment but professionals believe that a year and a half or two years would be the latest. The company has given a steadfast no comment but the prediction is the usual for a matter like they are confronted with at the moment. Professionals also revealed further that Nissan in fact has plans to introduce 20 new products in the next twenty months. These details continue to fuel speculations and expectation about the next-generation Z. Brinley concluded that these are part of the things that makes Nissan, Nissan.