Cleaning your Car Interior and Staying Protected for Stable Health

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By now, everyone in the world should be aware of how influential a clean environment is for their health and overall well being. You need to take care of your car as much as you do your home. Just like your home, your car is a place of comfort that you have close contact with virtually always. If cleanliness is therefore ensured in this space, not only will it beautify your car, it will also help you to stay protected from dirt, grime, dust, and infectious microorganisms. At the time when the virus of all sort threatens the world peace and causing pandemics, you can be sure of your own health stability as you have maintained your car interior hygiene when it mattered.

cleaning your car interior

Medical professionals have had a lot to say about the effects of infectious microorganisms to human’s health and how easily we all could come in contact with them on various forms of surfaces. We reckon that your car interior also possess some kinds of surfaces that could harbor the microorganisms and get you infected. Therefore we have a set of preventive measures and car interior hygiene tips to help you stay above the situation.

Clean your car interior regularly

Some infectious microorganism, especially viruses are very deadly. Therefore, they should be treated as what they are. We shouldn’t allow contact with them as much as possible. This can be achieved by practicing safe and proper hygiene. That being said, every car owners must ensure to wash their car interiors with recommended car soaps and detergent. Begin from the dashboard and other areas you can easily come in contact with. This will absolve you of possible pathogenic attacks and put you at less risk of getting contaminated with the viruses and other infections.

Use the right and recommended tools in cleaning

If you clean without using the recommended disinfectants, you are likely cleaning for cleaning sake. To avoid such wasteful effort, you are advised to use disinfectants that can kill germs so that they don’t live on car interior surfaces. Luckily, most household cleaners will do the trick. Yet, the American Chemistry Council has a list of helpful and specific EPA approved products for use against infectious microorganisms and viruses. You have to also ensure that cleaners are safe for your car interior surfaces and that they won’t cause any damage. Because virus is one of the most deadly pathogens you are trying to avoid with the cleaning attempts, virus disinfectant as Virus Guard is a really good disinfectant. It is eco-friendly as well as useful on almost every surface types. This means that your car interior surface won’t be affected.

Focus on car interior touch points

Understandably, there are important parts of your car interior that you cannot afford to wash regular especially with detergents and water. Since you know this, cleaning your car for pathogens has to be done in specialized ways. We suggest that you focus the cleaning exercise on important touch points of your car interior. By this we mean obvious areas and anywhere that could be touched. The top of the dashboard is a prime area to clean. Further, you should concentrate on steering wheels, gear shifters, door handles, radio knobs and controllers, seat belt, storage bins and windshield wipers stalks. The US CDC recommends that car owners clean touched surfaces daily.

Keep sanitizers close to you in the car

We know it’s your car but viruses and pathogens may easily have their way into your car in a lot of unexpected ways. You might decide to eat within your car and ingest the germs after having any form of contact with it from interior car surfaces. We therefore advise that you keep hand sanitizers with you in your car and make use of that regularly. This will also help you to stay safe and protected amidst pathogenic concerns.

Avoid having injuries or getting hurt while cleaning

The best way to avoid the danger of viruses especially is never to allow it within your body system. Most viruses only need a contact with your internal body parts to grow in increasing numbers and affect your body immunity dangerously. Therefore, it is advised that you disallow hand contacts with noses, eyes and other areas of the body where the virus could easily swim into your internal body systems. Additionally and perhaps more importantly, you are advised to be as careful as possible when cleaning your car interior such that you don’t get cut in any parts of your body or have any injuries. Cleaning slowly and calmly should get you conscious of impending dangers and the areas of your car interior that could harm your skin and give you injury.

Take a shower after cleaning your car

Let us be clear with you. Cleaning your car interior can also make you come in contact with viruses, bacteria and other germs. Therefore, you need further jobs done to stay clear of possible infectious contamination. We recommend that after every car interior cleaning tasks you should take good showers and ensure personal hygiene. This will wash off the infectious particles even if you have come in contact with them during car cleaning.

Practice the mobile form of self-isolation

The world have had cases of pandemics and incurable viruses. The only care for some of these are prevention and avoidance. One of the ways to do this is self-isolation and social distancing. For example, a number of countries that are heavily hit with coronavirus are currently on lockdown. Some of them practice social distancing while also ensuring self-isolation in some cases. To help yourself and others while you have to compulsorily go out in your car, you are advised to practice the mobile form of self-isolation. How do we mean? You should decide not to carry strangers within your car so as to keep healthy distance as well as ensure utmost safety against the virus from within your car.

Take extra precautions for viruses and infectious microorganisms

Although the best way to protect yourself against pathogenic attack and contaminations, especially in your car is to practice wholesome hygiene. However, as elders that usually have close contacts with children and other members of the family, you are advised to take extra precautionary measure after doing your car cleaning to avoid cross contamination. It has been deduced by health organizations and professionals that children are less careful with hygiene and that the elders are more susceptible to attack from certain viruses because of underlying health conditions and lower immunes. You are therefore advised to take this into consideration while interacting with people around you. This is an eye-opener to help you take more precautionary measures. If all of these can be done, you can be rest assured of a reduced risk of contamination with viruses and other negative as well as infectious spread.