Car X Drift

Car X Drift
Car X Drift

A Massive Update has been released on car Xdrift game, now it’s available on Ps4 Xbox and PC (steam), watch out maybe you will get other games with it, in this article I’m going to show you how amazing this games is and how you can enjoy it to the max.

First of all let start with the game itself, as some of you may know that this amazing cars drifting  game was available on mobile phone (IOS and Android) but recently was published on all gameing consoles except (Nintendo) maybe later who knows!.

Why car X drift game is super amazing?


There is a bunch of reviews on this game itself but you will know that it has so much reality simulating driving game with a massive tune-up, but comparing it to other driving games is not correct because its specifically for drifting not a racing game.

What is needed to play car x drift game and how much does it cost?

In Game

Car X drift game usually on steam is about 17-24 US Dollars, but some time its on sale for $5 only, check out the weekly sales on steam, but if you want to enjoy it to the max you will need driving simulation force feedback steering wheels with shifter like Logitech g29 for ps4 & pc or Logitech G920 for xbox one & Pc) or Thrustmaster t500rs if you have a higher budget.

A Nice will do the job as well, they have a punch of playseats starting from $200, with this setup you will absolute enjoy the game to the max,

Let’s get on the game itself

Car X Drift Maps

The game has a punch of wide collection of cars but not any cars, you will find each and every car were used in drifting only, like the BMW e30, e36, e46, e90, M4 and M3 also the old E34 has been added recently, also you can Find the Nissan Silvia S13, S15 as well as Toyota Ae86 the Old and new models, we also noticed that they have added the Hannigan drift Ford escort car to the collection which made by the famous Ken block.

Car X Drift game tune Up

Car X Drift Streaming

If you are one of the fans who love Drifting games, then you will know what do I mean by max drifting tune-up, you can tune up everything from suspensions to gearbox tune-up. But we will not get into tuning in this article but we will give you a good hint to do the best for you, in each tune upsetting you have to go to the max and try the car then do the opposite and try it again, then you will know what is the best for you because it will be different from each and every car.

Car X Drift Vinyl’s

As much as we want to tune up our engines and gearboxes as much we love to show a special vinyl’s and looks for the car, we do suggest changing the car outside look and even the inside like steering custom wheel and gearbox shifter and seats if you like the FPP view also the front & rear bumpers.

Car X Drift multi-players

Yes, you can have an own track to enjoy it with your friends, by maps and have exclusive room for you and your friends which will be twice the fun you can get in multiplayer to practice & learn also challenging your friends with your skills and custom drifting cars.

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