2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT-500R Review

For Mustang Shelby GT-500R

 at the beginning of 2020 the new year the first review of the new Mustang developed by Ford which has great features with upgraded with a new look, starting from the price of this amazing car from $72,900.

Ford Mustang GT-500R Performance

 A 760HP horsepower and this amazing Mustang art 7300 RPM with new features like launch control and a 12 inch digital LCD. What are some colors would a selectable Drive mode, Ford has mentioned at the ranch control feature is only for track use.

 Standard Ford Mustang is powered by a 5.2 supercharged cross-plane crank V8 engine, next Mustang you can have it in three options the first one is fatback the second option is the convertible one finally you can get the Shelby.

 At a starting price of $60,000 which also can be upgraded to the Shelby GT350R which is coolest about $73,000 and can be customizable before ordering this amazing car.

Mustang Shelby GT-500R no rear seats

 As for the interior, the standard Fastback you can have 5 seats,   in the Shelby GT350 you will have Recaro seats, in the Shelby GT500 you would be having an option to delete the rear seats, for extra lightweight, and extra cost of $18,000 which make the cost of the Shelby GT500 $90,000 and that option with the available in the GT500R as a standard pack $74.450.

As a review for this amazing Mustang, we should say that this is the most powerful Mustang have been ever built not to mention that this amazing car has a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, and 2 driving modes Quite mode and track mode on each mode the exhaust sounds different but you will never hear the supercharger sound saw this you come by and custom air intake then you will hear the sound of the supercharged.

Drift in Ford Mustang GT-500R

 The GT350 the exhaust sound louder maybe that’s because it comes in a manual transmission not automatic like that she GT500 however, both versions The  GT500 and GT350 have the same big braking system which is Brembo, and both have the amazing carbon-fiber wheels.

 The GT500R  can also burn out and you can have an amazing drifting experience even if it’s on an automatic transmission but the doors locked 7 transmission gear will allow you still have fun in this monster, also I can go from 0 to 60 3.3 seconds.