10 Best Coupe Cars in 2020

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Have you heard about the fun and style of the coupe? You are about to unlock some discoveries. Coupe cars are one of the best car types to consider when you prioritize fun and style without sacrificing performance to earn both. Coupe cars are dream rides for a lot of car enthusiasts because their modern versions take on a classic muscle car, purpose-designed sports car, sleek two-door variant of sedan, and plenty more options. While many of these cars offer seating for up to five people, some coupe cars only accommodate two people. Whichever way, these variations of cars give you broad options to pick from whether you are purchasing for family use or personal comfort. Now, let’s take a look like the classic coupe machines as ranked;

Dodge Challenger


I wrote in a previous articles on this channel that “no one dodges the Dodge”. I will actually not take chances to repeat the statement over and over because it’s a proven one. I am not surprised that the dodge challenger made the first mention on our list for the best coupe car collections of 2020. It simply worth a top spot.

Since it was introduced in 2008 as one of the most famous modern muscles, the Dodge Challenger has always made a compelling purchase. The two door coupe car follows closely in the footsteps of its classic predecessor, and so it offers varying degrees of muscle without letting loose of comfort. The car saw a significant upgrade in 2015. This means that it gained a refreshed grille with major changes in the headlight to feature LED halo rings, 8.4 inches touchscreen display, revamped interior, retro-styled gauges and new LED tail lights. I will always jump on the chance to have a Dodge Challenger.

Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang

The same classes of popular brands ultimately rule the automobile world since a very long time. None is seeming like losing their spots even though we see shocking surprises from infamous brands too. Ford Mustang is a reputable American automotive muscle which is known to have aggressive designs in an even more aggressive performance.

Today’s Ford Mustang still pays homage to the vehicle’s incredible legacy. However, nothing absolutely is outdated about the latest Mustang models. This car features the latest technologies both inside the cabin and under the hood. If offer a really impressive driving pleasure in a faster build. Certainly a powerful sports car which will never go wrong on a daily drive.

Chevrolet Camaro


Considering the class of cars already mentioned, Chevrolet should definitely have a spot in here. Camaro hit the market first in 1966 and has since kept its place as one of the fastest and most aggressive on-road sport cars. Its engine pushes the boundaries of possibilities in terms of power and technology options. The technology options in fact are designed to improve the vehicle’s performance while also making for pleasurable drive. The car is everything you want in a modern sport’s car. Its latest models offer even better performance alongside sleek and aggressive design which is immediately recognizable. This is a sport’s car unlike no other.

Chevy Corvette


Did I hear you say Chevy?! Yes. Chevy again. The Chevy Corvette is the ideal ride you need for your sporty weekend. It has a distinct curve and two-seater style which could make you easily feel on top of the world. Since 1953 that it first stormed the market, many car lovers have stressed that it stands out among other sport cars courtesy of its unique body styling and powerful V8 engine.

Honda Civic

Honda Civic

It will never be difficult to mention Honda Civic on this list. It has simply been one of the most popular vehicles in the world for years, only for good reasons. The car offers smooth handling with a huge technology option that makes for enjoyable driving experience. The car has always keep up with style and utility. That being said, it has always improved on its exterior and interior. It is overall a well-rounded car that stand out among peers and delivers plenty of bang for your money.

Nissan 370z

Nissac 350z

This car is a gentle classic that offers both two-door coupe and a roadster with soft convertible top. It came as a successor to Nissan 350z in 2009 and has since boast being a thrilling ride with practical choices that makes it a great choice for everyday driving. Although this car hasn’t changed a lot since released as part of the sixth generation production of 2009 till present, it has added few upgrades to its base features and variations in trim options.

Audi A5

Audi A5

When I say German, you say machine. This car features in the powerful lineup of impressive engines which amidst that boast attractive styling, a lot of exciting standard features as well as roomy and upscale interior. The Audi A5 is a small luxury with plenty offers. The 2017 model of this little monster came armed with new engine options, a number of new technology features as well as refreshed interior and exterior styling. The 2014-2019 model is simply a representation of well-equipped and high performing luxury small car.

Infiniti Q60

Infiniti Q60

Looking for a nimble and well-equipped car with comfortable seating for up to four passenger? Here you have it in the Infiniti Q60. The car was formerly branded as the G37 before it was redesigned as Infiniti Q60 in the 2014 model in a two-door luxury coupe format. At the onset of the launch of the second generation of the car in 2017, turbocharged engine was made a standard for the Infiniti Q60. This is in company of generous features as dual touchscreen display and automatic dual zone climate control. This car is a head-turning coupe which is presented in a wide range of trim levels, engine size and other configurations. This affordable luxury should not just pass you by.

BMW 428

Bmw 428

If this car is renamed top of the world, it maybe deserves it. The car was produced between 2014 and 2016 in both convertible and coupe models. Enthusiasts appreciate the car for its impressive list of features that include tech upgrades as well as a roomy interior that makes for the comfortable driving experience. The BMW 428 is ever-present in terms of versatility and optional handling, weather, and technology features as well as perfect lighting just to mention a few. If you’re in the automobile market for a luxury sedan that is backed by BMW’s proven performance, this car should be in your garage as soon as possible.

Toyota Supra

Toyota Supra

It’s back again, more aggressive, more power & a better look. After the forth generation of A80 produced back in 1994. A legend is reborn again with the 2020 GR Supra; this captivating design has 335 HP. GR Supra’s 8-speed automatic transmission is compact, lightweight and strong. Its placement has been precisely calculated to help optimize the overall center of gravity, and its components are robust enough to welcome the ferocity of 365 turbocharged pound-feet of torque. Intelligent computer control and precise gearing also ensure that this transmission works in perfect harmony with the engine to deliver explosive acceleration and maximum power to the road.